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L.A.'s gay social life is eclectic both in scenes (twinks to leather daddies and everything in between), and venues: bars, clubs, coffeehouses, restaurants, beaches, health clubs and even supermarkets. Here are just some highlights.

In WeHo, the most visible clubs cater to a young, muscular and good-looking crowd, making the city a contender for attitude capital of the world, but even here ethnic and age diversity runs the gamut. To get your bearings, consider a crawl of the bars and clubs around Santa Monica Boulevard -- most are concentrated between Robertson Boulevard and Larrabee Street, though some worthy spots are about half-mile away, east of La Cienega Blvd.

Silver Lake, meanwhile, was once the exclusive domain of Levi/leather cruisers and Latinos, but now it attracts cute, young hipsters looking for an alternative to the WeHo S&M (Stand & Model) routine.

A few other notes: check listings for special and weekly events . All visitors, regardless of how old they look, should carry photo ID, as drinking age laws are taken very seriously. Be prepared to pay a cover charge at clubs, especially on weekends. California bars and clubs, like restaurants, prohibit smoking indoors, though it's OK on outdoor patios and sidewalks.

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